John Croft


chamber|solo|orchestral |vocal

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Premières, Recordings
...du second infini (2000)

John Croft: du second infini Vimeo.

piano solo
London 2001, Xenia Pestova;

Live recording: Philip Thomas, Sheffield 2002

Video: Mark Knoop, London 2014
la terra lagrimosa...una luce vermiglia (2006; revised 2010)

John Croft: La terra lagrimosa...una luce vermiglia from Chris Watson on Vimeo.

cello and live electronics

creation funded by the Arts and Humanites Research Board
LSO St Luke's, London, 2006, Matthew Barley (cello)

Revised version premièred by Séverine Ballon, City University, London, 2014 l'aura che trema (2009–10)

alto flute and live electronics

Recording: Métier Records (MSV 28517)

ICMA European Regional Award, 2011
commissioned by Richard Craig with assistance from the Scottish Arts Council

Sankt Peter Köln, Richard Craig
Fylkingen, Stockholm, 2009, Richard Craig

Seoul International Computer Music Festival, 2010, Sung-hee Park.

...une autre voix qui chante... (2010)
natural horn (with hand stopping)
Anneke Scott, St John Baptist Wimbledon, 2015
intermedio I (2011-17)
bass flute and live electronics 8'
Kingston University,London, 2001; Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2013, RIchard Craig (bfl.)
ô phosphorescence (2011)
soprano and live electronics

(No. 3 from Malédictions d'une furie; text by Jean Tardieu)

Union Chapel, 2016, Juliet Fraser (sop.)
Intermedio III
Bass clarinet and live electronics

Prix Ton Bruynèl 2012
Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague, April 2012, Marij van Gorkom (bcl.)