John Croft


chamber|solo|orchestral |vocal

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par cette vie infirme et vacillante (2011)

soprano and bass flute

(No. 5 from Malédictions d'une furie; text by Jean Tardieu)

Malédictions d'une furie (2012)

An introduction to Malédictions d'une furie from John Croft on Vimeo.

Monodrama for female voice, ensemble and live electronics

Text by Jean Tardieu
Sounds New Festival, 2012 quale eclissi v'oscura? (2013)

Soprano, viola, clarinet, and amplified clavichord
Trio Scordatura and Fie Schouten, Het Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam, 8 December 2013
Deux méditations d'une furie (2013)

Extract from recording, forthcoming on Métier (2015)

Soprano, bass flute
Lore Lixenberg (sop.), Richard Craig (bfl.), City University London, 18 Feb 2014

Recording: Cora Schmeiser (sop.), Richard Craig (bfl)