Deux méditations d’une furie (2013)

soprano and bass flute (8’)

first performance: Lore Lixenberg (sop.), Richard Craig (bfl.), City University, London, 18 February 2014

recording: Cora Schmeiser (sop.), Richard Craig (bfl.), Métier Records MSV 28540 quale eclissi v'oscura? (2013)

soprano, viola, clarinet, and amplified clavichord (6’)

first performance: Trio Scordatura and Fie Schouten, Het Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam, 8 December 2013

Malédictions d'une furie (2012)

monodrama for female voice, ensemble and live electronics (45’)

text by Jean Tardieu

first performance: Sounds New Festival, 2012